The Copper State

Good Ol’ Flagstaff

I went to college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. This page details my experience, my time and my memories from those 4 years of my life. I’m trying my best to catalog my old photos so hopefully this page doesn’t get too long!

My favorite season of the year was late summer and early fall as the monsoons threaten the morning daylight only to lead to the most dramatic sunsets and fields of sunflowers. Flagstaff is half an hour from Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona, 2 hour drive to the Grand Canyon National Park and Phoenix, and just 3 hours to Las Vegas, NV. The city sits in the largest Ponderosa Pine tree forest in the world! The area is also considered to be a volcanic hot spot with over 600 dormant volcanoes! What a cool area! I miss it!

Flagstaff gets its name from an old tree that was carved into a staff to hang the American, state and local flags upon. No one seemed to really know where the tree/staff used to stand, but it’s a cute town nonetheless. The city rests at 7000 feet in elevation and a population closer to 100,000 people these days. Flagstaff is located in Coconino County which tends to vote very liberally compared to the rest of Arizona. Its kind of a college town, its kind of a family town, and its kind of a hippie town.

Anderson Mesa Station

The Lowell Observatory is located atop Mars Hill in Flagstaff, Arizona. This is the observatory that discovered the existence of the Dwarf Planet named Pluto. The campus is now a museum and conducts regular tours and observation nights when larger objects in the sky are visible. Flagstaff is a dark sky city which prohibits upward facing and bright outdoor lights citywide enabling this observatory to educate the public; however, just outside the City of Flagstaff is the Lowell Observatory Anderson Mesa Station. It takes about thirty minutes to drive to the road that takes you to Lake Marshall, Anderson Mesa and the new observatory which actively researches the sky. Anderson Mesa sits above Lake Mary – a source of Flagstaff’s drinking water and provides amazing access for the Arizona Hiking Trail. Needless to say it is a beautiful mesa nestled in the pinion and juniper forests, where the Milky Way is visible with the naked eye.

The photos in this gallery are from 2010-2012 when I was living in Flagstaff, AZ for college. It is an excellent place to camp (Lake Marshall).