Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe From the TRT
Overlooking Sand Harbor Nevada State Park

The Lake I love the most is Lake Tahoe. I was born just outside the basin in Truckee, California in 1991. A couple days later I was hugging trees in my backyard at home with my parents in Incline Village, NV which sits in the Northeast corner of the Lake in Crystal Bay. The neighborhood that I grew up in (Lower Tyner) is tucked away to say the least so I spent most days after school hiking and mountain biking on some of the local trails. My parents encouraged me to volunteer with local environmental organizations like the Incline Village General Improvement District’s Waste Not conservation program and the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center.

I left the area to study environmental science in Flagstaff, Arizona which solidified my passion and motivation to protect the environment. I returned home to Tahoe in 2013 to begin applying new gained knowledge to the environmental issues facing our beautiful watershed over my lifetime. I now work for the Incline Village Waste Not conservation program which allows me to work in a variety of environmental issues facing our community. This page will detail those efforts.

Tahoe Water Suppliers Association

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