Work Experience

I grew up biking to my father’s office almost everyday after school where I would do homework and occasionally help out with simple tasks. My father’s business, North Lake Tahoe Financial Services, LLC eventually hired me to help shape and edit the company’s website and gave me more complicated tasks as I became older.


My first long term job was working as a Recreation Leader and Site Supervisor at the city-owned and operated Flagstaff Aquaplex while I was in college at Northern Arizona University. It helped pay the bills and gave me experience in customer service while I managed a handful of tasks and employees depending on daily responsibilities.

I helped teach exercise classes like Cycling and assisted with sports activity classes for kids. I reorganized and logged hundreds of rock climbing waivers into an excel spreadsheet for easy lookup and improved tracking. I attended site supervisory team meetings where my peers and I would coordinate program operations on the “dry side” which included a rock climbing wall, basketball gym, fitness floor and a babysitting room. I took up organizing the employee daily schedule which involved site staff assignments for 25-35 people. This often times challenged my peer relationships and personal flexibility.

Teaching at Tahoe
Teaching Sustainability Lessons to the Tahoe Expedition Academy Students in Tahoe Vista, California.

I took time off to concentrate on my finals, graduation, and having fun during my last summer in Flagstaff, Arizona. Two of my major priorities during that summer were an internship with the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club and my final class needed for completion of my college degree. I spent nearly all of my time outside either hiking Potential Wilderness Areas, exploring the Desert Southwest with friends, or learning about sustainable agriculture techniques at farms in New Mexico. The end of summer was bittersweet since I couldn’t find a job or place to stay in Flagstaff, yet I had so much going on.

I moved in with friends in Sparks, Nevada and I finally landed a Seasonal Park Aide Ranger position with Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space. I absolutely loved this job. Patrolling the park, working on projects and interacting with the people who love the parks can be inspiring. The position was seasonal however, which made me go looking for a new opportunity pretty quickly.

Several months later I had secured an Americorps Service position with the Incline Village General Improvement District, Public Works’ Waste Not program (IVGID Waste Not). I began work in the fall of 2014 at the agency where I had volunteered as a child taking water quality samples. My responsibilities at Washoe County and Americorps overlapped for one month in the fall of 2014.


Americorps was a tremendous experience and I am so grateful for the education award that I have yet to use. For now, I am focused on increasing my real world experience as I continue to work for the IVGID Public Works, Waste Not Program as a paid employee. My daily duties can change but I assist with a range of responsibilities related but not limited to:

  • water quality,
  • natural resource conservation,
  • recycling,
  • wildlife protection,
  • solid waste solutions,
  • bear sheds/garbage can enclosures,
  • hazardous waste management,
  • public outreach,
  • customer service,
  • sustainability data management, and
  • project implementation.
Water Quality Samples in the Snow