IVGID Waste Not

“IVGID Waste Not, This is Joe.”

Promoting local water from the faucet!

I’ve never had so much customer service experience over such a large variety of subject matter before in my life. IVGID stands for the Incline Village General Improvement District and Waste Not is the environmental program for the district. The district is the water and sewer utility and is responsible for the management of the local solid waste franchise with Waste Management. The district also provides recreational resources for the local residents and their visitors such as parks, private beaches and kayak storage on Lake Tahoe, community multi-purpose fields, baseball fields, an outdoor fitness course, and a bike pump track (coming soon). Furthermore, a recreation facility, two 18-hole golf courses, and a ski resort round out the district’s portfolio.


The Waste Not Program is a part of the Public Works Department which is focused on the utility side of IVGID. The program provides technical assistance on water quality, water conservation, recycling, solid waste solutions, bear sheds/garbage can enclosures, wildlife protection, household hazardous waste disposal, electronic waste recycling, public outreach, education in schools, wildlife protection, and sustainability projects. The program is also the home agency for the Tahoe Water Suppliers Association which is a 12 member agency made up of water districts whose water source is Lake Tahoe. The recreation side of IVGID also receives support from the Waste Not program on their hazardous and electronic waste management, staff training, and environmental initiatives.


This job position is fun, its challenging, and it encourages longevity and new opportunities for itself and for the employee. Every day is different and can change from an office focus to hazardous waste management in an afternoon. Customer service demands can also change the manner of the day in nearly an instant. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to work on a day-to-day basis and the worst traffic jams are on holidays or getting stuck behind a snow plow. Despite its unpredictability and constant juggle between the office and the field, it is a great job.