The Journey is the Destination

I am a natural resources scientist with expertise in data-driven policy analysis and a solid educational foundation on the principles of environmental sustainability.

I grew up as an only child in Incline Village, Nevada on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe which enables me to work efficiently in independent situations. I have always maintained an active lifestyle; most days after school you could find me mountain-biking the neighborhood trails or shredding until Diamond Peak Ski Resort closed for the day. I committed myself to nine years of martial arts training in which I not only gained a black belt, but I learned the true value of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and an indomitable spirit.

I am most productive in a work setting that is oriented toward the environmental sciences and dedicated service. My degree from Northern Arizona University gives me passion for working with people, the ecosystem, and the way that we interact with it. The quality of my assignments as a team member has been described as diligent and I continue to set higher goals for my well-being, professionalism, and experience.

I live, work, and play in the Western United States and this is my story.

Photos of me were either taken professionally or by family, friends, and colleagues; my Apple Watch and iPhone occasionally help with those shots. I use an oldie-but-goodie Nikon D80 digital camera to capture my photography featured on this site. I am slowly learning how to utilize Photoshop, so I do not consider myself to be a professional photographer.