Northern Arizona University

My NAU Story

I did not know where I wanted to attend college while I was still in high school. I visited UC Davis, University of San Diego, University of San Francisco, University of Nevada, Reno and expressed interest in Colorado and Oregon schools until I received a mailing from Northern Arizona University. I knew that I did not want to go to Arizona.

My first thoughts of Arizona (having never really visited the state) conjured images of cacti, hot-dry weather, and crawling desert animals. I immediately threw it away but my mom found the brochure and decided we would go on a family trip to Flagstaff, Arizona.

We began the trip by revisiting the University of San Diego in California to discuss cost and scholarship information and relax by the ocean. We later flew into Phoenix, Arizona and I thought my worst fears were confirmed until we drove north of the city and through the desert grasslands and juniper forests outlined by the distant red rocks of Sedona. The freeway finally escalated us onto the Colorado Plateau where we were immersed in a Ponderosa Pine Forest and the San Francisco Peaks straight ahead of us.

Overlooking Northern Arizona University Campus from Mars Hill, Flagstaff, AZ

We drove through downtown Flagstaff and I immediately fell in love with the place. We spent several days in Flagstaff checking out some of the local sites and visiting the Northern Arizona University Campus. We compared programs and costs to other universities and I began to like this place even more.

The morning before we left Flagstaff to go back home I decided to explore campus. I discovered that the Arizona Trail cut through the middle of campus and connected pedestrians and bicyclists to paved and unpaved trails all over the city and the state itself. I knew right then and there that this was the place for my undergraduate experience.


I began my studies as an Environmental Engineering major. I remember studying Calculus, Civil Engineering, AutoCAD, General Engineering and Physics. This was interesting material, but I just did not have the passion to put the time and effort into practicing problems and discovering the intricacies of complicated infrastructure systems.

I did some research and talked to a few advisers before I finally found a major I could enjoy. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences – Administration and Policy with a Political Science Minor on August 6th, 2013 – Almost four years to the day since I had moved to Flagstaff.

NAU School Mascot
NAU Mascot, Louie the Lumberjack covered in snow – December, 2010.

The classes listed below are the units that worked towards earning my undergraduate degree at Northern Arizona University. I am not saying that I was a star student in every single one of these classes but they do form my collective collegiate memory and I still keep most notes or books associated with these classes. In total there are 120 units that were credited toward my undergraduate degree between Fall, 2009 to Summer, 2013.

Unofficial Course List

Mathematics and Sciences Foundation

  • MAT 125 – Precalculus Mathematics (4 units)
  • STA 270 – Applied Statistics (3 units)
  • BIO 181 – Unity of Life I: Cell Life (3 units)
  • BIO 181L – Unity of Life Lab I (1 unit)
  • BIO 182 – Unity of Life II: Multicellular Organisms (3 units)
  • BIO 182L – Unity of Life Lab II (1 unit)
  • BIO 345 – Sustainable Botany (4 units)
  • CHM 151 – General Chemistry I (4 units)
  • CHM 151L – General Chemistry I Lab (1 unit)
  • CHM 152 – General Chemistry II (3 units)
  • CHM 152L – General Chemistry II Lab (1 unit)
  • GLG 101 – Physical Geology (3 units)
  • GLG 103 – Physical Geology Lab (1 unit)

Environmental Sciences Foundation

Political Science Minor

  • PHI 223 – Argument Analysis (3 units)
  • POS 110 – American Politics (3 units)
  • POS 224 – Public Administration (3 units)
  • POS 250 – Intro to Public Policy Making (3 units)
  • POS 325 – Public Personnel Administration (3 units)
  • POS 352 – Modern Political Thought (3 units)
  • POS 356 – Race, Power and Politics (3 units)
  • POS 359 – Environmental Policy (3 units)
  • POS 455 – Political Ecology (3 units)

Liberal Arts Electives

  • COM 150 – Environmental Communication (3 units)
  • ECO 284 – Principles of Economics: Micro (3 units)
  • ECO 324 – Environmental Economics (3 units)
  • ENG 105 – Critical Reading and Writing in University Settings (4 units)
  • FOR 445 – Wilderness Management (3 units)
  • NAU 100 – Transition to College (1 unit)
  • PES 100 – Physical Education: Water Polo (1 unit)
  • PHI 331 – Environmental Ethics (3 units)
  • PRM 300 – Ecotourism (3 units)
  • REL 150 – Religions of the World (3 units)

Engineering Electives

  • CENE 150 – Intro to Environmental Engineering (3 units)
  • CENE 150L – Intro to Environmental Engineering Computations Lab (1 unit)
  • CENE 180 – Computer Aided Drafting (2 units)
  • EGR 186 – Intro to Engineering Design (3 units)