Joseph August Hill

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I’m a focused taskmaster who anticipates and prioritizes requests from every stakeholder. My positions have taught me to be a team player, manage my time, delegate tasks, frame complex projects from the ground up, and balance demand with available resources amongst various deadlines.

Above: Joe communicates training materials related to ecological stewardship and sustainability protocol to Diamond Peak Ski Resort Employees.
Feature Image: Joe conducts “STOKE Mountain Interpretive Tours” at Diamond Peak Ski Resort. Joe’s custom tours start behind Base Lodge and stay on intermediate terrain while highlighting environmental facts, regional history, and sustainability initiatives.
Photos courtesy of Diamond Peak Ski Resort.

Areas of Expertise

  • Customer Service
  • Adaptation Management
  • Public Speaking & Engagement
  • Data Visualization
  • Website Configuration
  • Adobe, Apple, & Microsoft Suites
  • Project Advancement
  • Interdisciplinary Sciences
  • Field Research & Reporting

Education & Professional Development

Northern Arizona University

Bachelor of Science Degree, Class of 2013
Major in Environmental Sciences with an Emphasis in Administration and Policy
Minor in Political Sciences

Incline High School

Advanced Diploma of Graduation with Honors, Class of 2009


Completed Trainings

Professional Experience

Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID)

Public Works Department

Waste Not Community Conservation Program

(3) Public Works Technician | July 2019 – Present
(2) Waste Not Sustainability Intern | August 2015 – June 2019
(1) AmeriCorps Member | September 2014 – August 2015
  • (3) Participates in conferences, forums, and presentations as a valuable contribution that secured a $97,000 grant from the EPA for our collaborative team of partner agencies to study the impacts of microplastics while cultivating a successful education and outreach campaign via drinktahoetap.org.
  • (3) Leads the pandemic reopening of the household hazardous and electronic waste program to accommodate site safety, social distancing, and a new appointment system via ivgidhhw.com, serving 539 customers in 2020 and 708 customers in 2021 with plans to outsource to curbside service by 2023.
  • (3), (2) Single-handedly pioneers annual sustainability reports since 2016 for Public Works. Summaries include action plans and deductions that visually compare industry metrics such as lead and copper levels against key indicators related to ecosystem health, financial impacts, and community alliance.
  • (3), (2), (1) Spearheaded a 14-day performance benchmark assessment in 2015 at IVGID-owned Diamond Peak Ski Resort by the Sustainable Tourism and Outdoors Kit for Evaluation (STOKE) against 153 criteria across four categories. The resort became “STOKE Certified” in 2018 after a reassessment increased the compliance score from 60 to 78 percent garnering recognition from magazines and accolades from local politicians. A recertification process will examine the team’s progress in 2022.
  • (3) Defuses customer concerns related to outcomes of agency policies, actions, and availability.
  • (3) Liaises between community members and the Nevada Green Business Certification Program to promote and verify sustainable practices at a handful of businesses and District-owned venues.
  • (3) Recommends amicable remediation solutions to offset levied penalties upon property owners whose solid waste situation poses risks to public health and wildlife, especially Tahoe’s black bears.
  • (3) Designs a growing Access database to track ordinance violations at specific parcels and generate reports for associates such as Washoe County’s Short-Term Rental Code Enforcement Officer.
  • (3) Collaborates with the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s “Blue Crew” on litter abatement by hosting three annual cleanups that remove approximately 10 yards of debris from the ecosystem per outing.
  • (3), (2) Conducts tours at Diamond Peak Ski Resort, highlighting sustainability initiatives and history.
  • (3), (2) Mentors Sierra Nevada University students on capstone projects, which include installation of a piezometer to study groundwater and a tap water outreach campaign on Instagram: @where2fill
  • (3), (2), (1) Builds rapport with internal and external stakeholders to gain support for unique projects such as the Board’s unanimous decision to fund Clean-Tahoe’s help with field compliance duties.
  • (3), (2), (1) Composes articles and flyers for publication in the IVGID Quarterly Magazine, at bulletin boards, and online to encourage Leave No Trace ethics and inform the public about program updates.
  • (3), (2), (1) Researches appropriate tools and updated data sources for census information, accounting records, compliance statistics, herbicide safety, recycling rates, natural resource consumption, and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Star Portfolio Manager and custom Excel spreadsheets analyze the organized information for ease of navigation, data visualization, and publication.
  • (3), (2), (1) Provides leadership direction to the North Tahoe Environmental Education Coalition in order to support members with resources and expertise while planning events like Family Science Day.
  • (3), (2), (1) Recruits hundreds of volunteers annually to complete a variety of assigned tasks for Tahoe-Truckee Snapshot Day, Earth Day, zero waste efforts, special projects, and cleanup events.
  • (3), (2), (1) Acts as a sales representative for the Tahoe Water Suppliers Association by promoting “Drink Tahoe Tap!®” marketing materials, portable water-refill stations, and interactive educational exhibits at visitor’s centers, family events, and political forums such as the Lake Tahoe Summit.
  • (3), (2), (1) Coordinates with agency, community, and nonprofit partners installing more than 50 water bottle refill fountains, 100 dog waste bag dispensers, and 125 cigarette disposal units throughout the region so far via grant programs which helped the Tahoe Water Suppliers Association earn the national “Exemplary Source Water Protection Award” from the American Water Works Association.
  • (3), (2), (1) Gathers surface-water quality samples with observational notes and quantitative readings. The information is reported to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to comply with regulations while informing fertilizer management strategies.
  • (3), (2), (1) Offers installation guidance of metal bear-resistant trash can enclosures to an average of 25 residents annually who wish to protect public health and wildlife by locking up their garbage properly.
  • (3), (2), (1) Recycles household hazardous and electronic waste from approximately 1,500 annual customers (pre-COVID) with a small team, diverting at least 300 tons from landfills since 2014.
  • (1) Wrote IVGID Board Resolution #1836 on Environmental Sustainability to justify long-range planning and implementation of products or services that benefit local human-built and natural systems.
  • (1) Taught environmental lessons to 3,614 students, raised awareness of sustainability practices for 4,634 adults while processing 23 tons of household hazardous waste and 35 tons of electronic waste.
  • (1) Devised three community service projects with 12 other teammates, including litter stewardship along the Truckee River in Downtown Reno, interactive family-friendly Halloween activities, and construction of outdoor classrooms at Incline Elementary School.

Clean Water Team Volunteer | 2003 – 2008
  • Donated over 100 hours to the collection of scientific data and monitoring of the quality of fresh water streams along the north shore of Lake Tahoe in order to comply with regulatory requirements and assist with general insights into the health of the local ecosystem.

Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space

Bartley Ranch Regional Park and the Truckee River District Parks

Seasonal Park Aide Ranger
  • Routinely performed opening and closing procedures for historical, reservation-only pavilions and theatrical facilities while assisting public events and social support programs in addition to patrol duties across 1,000 acres of land.
  • Greeted the public, enforced rules, conducted tours of park exhibits and relayed historical, cultural, environmental and regional information to patrons especially during busy weekends and holidays.
  • Worked hands-on to perform native landscape re-vegetation and housekeeping duties to all park facilities.
  • Facilitated a wildlife interpretive program at the Washoe County Library in Incline Village, NV.

North Lake Tahoe Financial Services, LLC

September 2013 – NOVEMBER 2019
Information Technology Assistant
  • Assisted with facility services such as faxes, scans, mailers, cleaning, standard building maintenance, wireless security system maintenance and computer technology consultation.
  • Familiarity with Quickbooks, Pro-series and associated software installation.
  • Social Media Webmaster for tahoefinancial.com, professional certification profiles, Facebook, LinkedIN, YouTube and a WordPress Blog (DELETED).
  • Facilitated technological logistics of my father’s retirement from the local business he created and successfully managed for more than 15 years.

The Sierra Club

Grand Canyon Chapter, the Plateau Group

May – August 2013
Protect the Grand Canyon Campaign Intern
  • Assisted planning and coordination for community and public educational events.
  • Conducted field research concerning Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) use near potential Wilderness areas and as OHV use pertained to the fall hunting season in similar forest land.
  • Participated in City Hall meetings and additional public forums to communicate important local environmental issues such as Uranium mining dangers to Arizonan constituents.

The Flagstaff Aquaplex

Operated by the City of Flagstaff

MARCH 2011 – APRIL 2013
Site Supervisor | July 2011 – April 2013
Recreation Leader | March – June 2011
  • Conducted opening and closing procedures in addition to customer service and cleaning responsibilities on a routine basis including holidays.
  • Stationed on the “dry side” of the multi-purpose indoor aquatic facility; trained to fulfill the duties of the fitness floor, basketball gym, climbing wall and a babysitting area.
  • Taught cycle-based exercise courses and assisted in numerous kids activity classes such as “Daycampers” and “Sporties for Shorties.”
  • Responsible for employee conduct, incident write-ups, climbing wall waiver organization and rule enforcement.
  • Promoted to Head of Employee Schedules based on excellence in supervisory position.

Accolades & Awards

Joe completes a Kick-Palm Combination at his Second Degree Black Belt Test, 2007